Digital Kennel Cards


For a more professional, high-tech look for your shelter, we offer the option of "digital kennel cards".

These are summaries of animals in specific locations in the shelter that are displayed on digital devices such as tablets or digital television screens that are fixed to the kennel or kennels in question.

To work, they just need a computer and monitor per kennel that is capable of displaying a web page that is wired into the network using Copper Ethernet or Wifi. 

All you do to make the animal appear is assign it to that kennel (regardless of status) and as soon as it is either moved out of the kennel or is adopted, it is automatically removed from the feed.

The screen will scroll through any animals that are sharing the same kennel, so if you have (for example) a kitten pen with 5 kittens in it then it scrolls through all of them one at a time.

The main page shows a large image of the animal on the left of screen (so you can see which animal the information relates to), a brief bio - usually, just name, breed, colour, gender, age - and at the bottom of the screen is a small banner for a sponsor.

After a while, the screen will dissolve softly into the "spacing" screen which displays a full-page infographic for the sponsor:

After a moment it will either return to the "hero" animal or, if multiple animals are assigned to the kennel, it will dissolve to the next animal in AID order.

Should all the animals in the feed for that particular kennel be adopted, a screen like this one will display: 


Obviously, logos and colours would be styled for your organisation. 

For information on how to add and manage sponsors, see the Zendesk articles Sponsorship and Admin - Set up Sponsorship.

Because the digital cards are linked to "Kennels" rather than animals, it is possible to have digital kennel cards dedicated to offsite animals, such as animals Available for Adoption In Foster or low visibility animals such as small pets or livestock.

This works in the same way: you simply create a specialised "kennel" (e.g. "In Foster" or "Offsite") and assign any animal you would like displayed to this kennel. It's as easy as that! 

Traditional kennel cards will always be available, of course: the digital cards will only apply in areas set to display them. 

If you would like to upgrade to digital kennel cards in your shelter, let us know by emailing and we will arrange it for you.



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    Jerrica Owen

    I see this article is 3 years old, is it still something SB is offering and if so do you have a video you can share? Thanks!

  • Avatar
    Selena Reid

    Hi Jerrica,

    Yes, it is, but we don't have a video at this time. What would you like to see in the video?


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