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For the foreseeable future, organizations will be operating with heavily modified practices of the way business used to run, forced to pivot into new processes. The importance of cementing a new normal and aiming to yield similar, if not better, results will be at the forefront of decision making.

As Animal Shelter leaders, being able to successfully engage both internal and external audiences while managing the intricacies of the entire adoption process is key to the success of the shelter mission. Seamless adoptions are essential to shelter success, bridging and tightening the information gap from initial contact to the final reporting process, and all the way through to post adoption follow up and donation campaigns.

What is Adoption Management Software (AMS)?

Adoption Management Software, AMS for short, is a software application which allows animal shelters the ability to streamline the entirety of the adoption process from first touch with potential adopters, to internal communications management, all the way to payment processing, daily reporting, post adoption communication and donation campaigns.

When considering an AMS for your Shelter, be mindful of the intuitive nature of the software, from ease of integration with your current individualized solutions, to staff implementation and overall ability to seamlessly employ the platform without disruption to daily activity.

How AMS Works

The adoption experience begins the moment a potential adopter enters the four walls of the Shelter, and every step in the process counts. Meeting them front and center either on-line or in-person for a seamless application and adoption flow sets the tone for the entirety of the engagement.

Easy implementation and integration with existing platforms, allows your Shelter to operate in the most robust way possible. An effective AMS owns the adoption experience from pet search, through application process to approval.

The solution controls the automation of core activities like check-in, waitlist management, donation campaigns and post-adoption communication, creating a personalized approach each adopter will enjoy lending itself to a Shelter loyalty which lasts a lifetime.

The right AMS also provides your Shelter with data to make thoughtful and informed

decisions. With actionable insights, dashboards, reports and management views of critical data across your shelter, enabling you to adopt more pets faster.

Why You Need AMS

To be a success-driven Shelter rooted in the ethos of adopting out more pets to great homes faster, the utilization of an AMS which combines intuitive, digestible, approachable technology for both the Shelter staff and the adopter is critical. Streamlining information, experiences and outcomes produces measurable results in a clean package which allows for time previously spent on administrative organizing to be spent where it counts, on the pets and getting them into their forever homes.

Use AMS to Enhance Your Shelters Efficacy

Deliver the very best adoption experience to your adopters and the best work experience to your staff with AMS:

  • Efficiently manage the full adoption process

  • Eliminate paper to improve operational efficiency

  • Automate manual processes to improve employee productivity

  • Collaborate across team members

  • Provide customers a mobile app and intelligent search of pets

  • Collect donations

  • Deliver an enjoyable process to new pet parents

  • Deliver a best in class adoption process to look good to adopters and donors

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