Creating pets manually


Creating new pets at adopets is simple and straightforward. To do it, visit the All Pets section under, click on Add new pet and follow these five steps:

1) Choose the location of the pet first.

2) Input information in regards to Where was the pet found if applicable:

  • This information will be used to support Lost & Found activities (coming soon).

3) Upload your pet's best pics!

  • This is how pets stand out the most. Upload a few pictures of your pet to highlight his/her personality and characteristics. Great profile pictures are decisive to convert more adoption applications.

4) Fill out their info

  • Here you fill out all information in regards to the pet's name, type, intake date, primary and secondary breed if applicable, gender, size, age, and description. Note that the description field is a rich text editor, so make sure to put good thought into it as they are highly crucial to convert more adopters.

5) Set the pet's Adoption Fee and Visibility

  • Here, you have the option to either set an adoption fee or make the pet free. 

  • As an important note, the minimum adoption fee is $10.00.

  • After setting the adoption fee, it is time to set the pet Visibility. The pet could be created and be either Visible or Hidden from your Pet Listings. When you select your preference, click on the confirm button to finish creating the pet

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