What is Adopets for adopters?


Adopets is an end-to-end system designed to save time and energy while finding and adopting the perfect pet for you.

With Adopets, you can:

  1. Find your new furry friend

  2. Submit adoption applications

  3. Track your entire adoption process directly from the platform

  4. Sign the adoption agreement and pay the adoption fee once you got approved

  5. Schedule the pet pick up time with the shelter

  6. Bring home your new furry friend!

With our new platform, Adopets is ready to support an adoption process that is easy, convenient, and so enjoyable that even your dog will dig it.

To further assist you, we always rely on your feedback to improve our platform and serve the community better.

Haven't we answered your question, or you're looking for more specific details? Let us know by emailing us at support@adopets.com.

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