Switching between Locations


Let's say you are overseeing a big organization that has three facilities that are all registered in the adopets platform. Each of these facilities has its staff, pets, and adoption applications being received daily.

If your role currently is Owner or Super Admin, you can easily switch between locations and access all data in regards to each specific facility.

To switch between locations, look to the top of the webpage, in the header of the adopets platform. Click on the name of your current location, located in the right your Organization Name.

That will pop up a selector where you can pick another location to oversee, just like in the example below:

Except for the My Organization tab that corresponds to the organization configurations as a whole, all the other tabs will now show data that is specific to the current location set. 

That also means that when you switch locations just like we did above, every new user and pet created, will now be directly associated with that location. So the adoption applications received for these new pets.

If you don't know which role you currently have set for yourself, or want to understand more about user permissions in the adopets platform, check out these following articles:

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