April 2021


From the implementation of our Foster Management Module, a simplified Shelter Buddy Adopter Approval to Easier Checkout for Adopters, our platform provides Shelters, Fosters, and Adopters with more information faster for the most robust adoption experience available.

Adōpets Foster Management Module

  • Our newly introduced Foster Management Module brings much needed automation and online collaboration to your foster program— saving staff time while seamlessly engaging foster parents.

Efficient Shelter Buddy Adopter Approval

  • Shelter Buddy users now can match adopters from Adōpets in their SB database during adoption approvals. It ensures adopter information is correctly created or assigned to existing SB PIDs without creating duplicates.

Easier Checkout for Adopters

  • The adopter can now automatically log back into the platform through the “Application Approved” Smart Response, where they can then sign their contract and complete checkout more efficiently.

Smart Response Magic Links for Contract Signature & Adoption Checkout

  • Magic Links are now part of the "Application Approved" email, allowing adopters to automatically log back into the platform without the need to fill out any login form. From there, they are taken to the contract signature step and can complete checkout more efficiently.

Spay|Neuter Fees Can Now be Included in Application Approval

  • For Shelters that require a deposit on a future Spay|Neuter, we have created the ability to add this fee at check out.

Shelters Can Now “Favorite” Adopters

  • Shelters can now “favorite” potential approved adopters who may have missed out on a specific pet, but with this designation, can be first in line for consideration when a similar pet becomes available.

Shelter Software Integrations Now Sync & Update Sections of Animal Profile Individually

  • Adōpets receives information from Shelter Software in 3 categories: Adoption Fee, Animal Bio|Description, & Pictures. Our new integration allows Shelters to select which categories to activate and deactivate, and make changes within Adōpets.

    IE: Chameleon users want more pictures on the pet profile than what is allowed in PetHarbor. By deactivating the "Pictures" section, the system will import the first picture, and make the gallery available for new additions.

Shelter Buddy Users Can Now Customize Tags for Final Applications

  • Shelter’s can now customize the final application tags, “Adopted”, “Adopted Off-Site”, “Adopted in Foster”.

Improved Event Insights and Statistics Are Even More Robust

  • Adōpets has enhanced Event Features with access to more robust insight generation and data tracking to better understand adopter behavior.

Address Information is Now Categorized in Multiple Columns for Easier Filtering

  • Data collection for Adopter Address Information has been simplified into multiple columns, allowing for easier filtering and search.

Adopters Receive Final Adoption Contract as an Attachment in Smart Response

  • Adopters no longer need to login to Adōpets to view their contract, as it is now sent as an attachment in Smart Response.

“New Application” Notification Email Now Brings Shelter Directly to Pet Details Page

  • When the Shelter receives a “New Application” email, they now have the option to be taken directly to the Pet Detail page where they can easily access those applications.

Adopters Receive Final Adoption Contract as an Attachment in Smart Response

  • Adopters no longer need to login to to view their contract, as it is now sent as an attachment in Smart Response.

Shelter “Hours of Operation” Updated

  • Shelters can now update their hours of operation in the Settings section, which will be reflected on the Pet Profile page.

Adoption Fees Now Have a $5 Minimum.

  • The system has been updated to reflect a $5 minimum adoption fee and no longer provides an error when that adjustment is made.

Adoption Fee Can Now Be Increased when Approving Applications

  • Shelter users can now increase the adoption fee during the application approval process, allowing the shelter more flexibility and control over adoption fees.

External Tags Enabled in Pet Profile Description

  • External tags|links are now allowed on the pet descriptions, making it easier for shelter users to have easy access to useful pet details and information.

Shelters Now Receive Notifications from “Foster Approver” and “Foster Recommender” Actions

  • “Foster Approver” - Once the “Foster Approver” approves an application, they send an email notifying the shelter they have processed the pet approval.

  • “Foster Recommender” - Once the “Foster Recommender” approves a request, the shelter receives an email alerting them to review the application.

Simplified Adopter Address Sign up Flow

  • The adopter address sign-up process has been simplified, and adopters will only need to fill out complete address details when submitting an adoption application.

Complete Adoption Reports are Now Available for Users to Download

  • Shelter users now have access to complete adoption reports and can download them without delay.

Restricted Pets Now Available Through Private Link

  • When a pet's application limit is reached, that pet no longer appears on the website and is classified as restricted or blocked. However, adopters can still access a restricted or blocked pet via the pet’s private page, shareable by the shelter.

“Street Type” field updated to include “Not Applicable” for more rural adopters or non-specified street addresses.

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