How do I "Close" old Lost or Found Files?


Unless a Lost or Found record has been confirmed as Matched, Returned Home or Deceased, there is no need to "close" the file, and indeed it may be detrimental to do so.

If your search groups have been set up correctly, the return will automatically be limited to files that a) fall within the search parameters entered, including a date referenced, and b) are still open (i.e. not Matched, Returned Home or Deceased). This will limit any search only to relevant files anyway, so older files will not have any impact on current searches.

However, if the animal is still missing, or the owner never located, it may be useful to have the open file there to reference should the animal (or the owner) appear at a much later date. It is not unheard of for an animal to be reunited with the owner after a very long time - years even!

For the above reason, Shelter Buddy does not employ a means to "close" such files. They may only be closed if the fate of the animal has been positively determined (Matched, Returned Home, Deceased). 

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