Admin - Delete Person Flagged for Deletion


Person files are added to this area when they are flagged for deletion on the top of the Edit Person Details page.  They may have been added to the system in error or they are an identical duplicate record with no valid history. 

NOTE: This process is done when the records are to be removed completely from the system rather than merged with another duplicate existing record.  Use with caution, once this process is done the deleted records cannot be recovered.  This process can only be done after linked animals are unlinked from the person record (linked to another record or deleted from the system) and linked receipts have been deleted. 

Only users with administrative access can process this function.


  1. Click on the Administration link in the Orange Menu on the left hand side of the screen.
  2. Click on the Delete Persons Flagged For Deletion link.
  3. The View link to the left of a person record can be clicked to first review the record flagged for deletion, if desired.
    • This will generate a popup window displaying the selected Edit Person Details page.
    • Click on the X in the upper right hand corner of the popup window to close it.
  4. Click on the checkbox to the left of a person record to approve the deletion the record from the system and click the Delete Persons Ticked button to process the deletion, recommended.
  5. A pop up will deploy to verify you do mean to remove this record completely. Click OK to process.
  6. If the record still has an animal, or animal owner history, or receipts, or dispatch history attached to it the following message(s) will display and the linked records must be unlinked or deleted in order to complete the person file deletion process:  
    • Person ID #### has receipts linked to them and can not be deleted
    • Person ID #### has animal owner history linked to them and can not be deleted
    • Person ID #### has animals linked to them and can not be deleted
    • Person ID #### has a dispatch job attached and can not be deleted
  7. If successful, the following message will display above the deletion list minus the record that has been removed:
    • Person ID #### has been deleted.
  8. The Delete All link can be clicked to delete all records listed, if desired, use with caution.
    • Click Yes to complete the deletion process.
    • This will display the deletion details page and all of the records will have been erased.


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