Converting more adoption applications with your Pet Listings page


As you might know, the Pet Listing is one of the main features of the adopets platform. Our team created it to provide a simple and effective way for adopters to find and access all pets from your organization at once. There, they can also filter pets, visualize pet profiles, and apply to adopt your pets directly. 

For every shelter/rescue account created at adopets, a Pet Listing page is created automatically with the profile information from that organization.

So in case your Organization profile isn't complete yet, consider reading this article:

Due to how the Pet Listing page functions, utilizing it to its best can convert in a lot more adoption applications being received directly through adopets. Increasing the efficiency of processing more adoptions informations in a shorter time. 

All while you are still going paperless, simplifying the payment of adoption fees, and automatic communications with your adopters through Smart Responses.

We've prepared a quick list of tips and tricks to convert more adoptions, so let's jump right on it!

1) First of all, access your Pet Listing pages

  • To do so, all you need is login as an organization at

  • From anywhere in the platform, look for your header, in the top right section of the page. There you will see a Pet Listings button as shown in the gif below.

  • Just click on it, and voila, you are on it!

[Pet listings gif.]

2) Share Pet Listings page URL in your social media profile and groups like:

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Instagram

  • SMS Groups

  • WhatsApp

3) Share it as a reply to adoption inquiries coming from adopters to your email directly, but not through adopets.

  • When you receive new adoption inquiries via email, reply with your organization page URL and ask adopters to send applications directly through there.

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