User Restrictions by Physical Location - Overview


We are sometimes asked if it is possible to restrict a user's access based on their location. Using traditional User settings, the answer is no. However, we do have an option that will do so, although what it can do is limited. 

A regionalised Shelter Buddy is set up so a single installation can cover what would normally be multiple Shelter Buddy installations.  By regionalising the system, users can be restricted on what they can see based on the location they are in. 

In regionalised Shelterbuddy setups, Physical Locations are broken up into 3 distinct categories

  1. Parent Location
    • parent locations are not an actual physical location.  They are more a collection of other locations. 
    • Example: "YOUR STATE/CITY" could be a parent location.  It may have child locations such as "Shelter A" and "Branch B" and so on. 
    • You can have as many child locations for a parent location as you need. 
    • We recommend using all-caps for Parent locations as it makes it easier to distinguish them from other locations. 
  2. Child Locations
    • a child location is linked to a parent location. 
  3. Standard Location
    • if a location has no children and is not linked to a parent location, then it is a standard, stand-alone location.

Likewise, Users are also broken up into 3 distinct categories:

  1. Super User
    • Must have access to All Physical Locations
    • Are able to see, use, and update data from any Physical Location
  2. Overseer User
    • Has access to multiple Physical Locations, but not all (e.g. all Child locations within a Parent location, or multiple Standard Physical Locations, or a combination of both but without access to All Physical Locations)
    • Able to see, use, and update data from any Physical Location they are assigned to. 
    • Unable to see*, use, or update data** from any Physical Location they are NOT assigned to. 
  3. Standard User
    • Has access to only one Physical Location (either a Child location or Standard Physical Location)
    • Unable see*, use, or update data** other than that "owned" by their own Physical Location

* For users with regional restrictions, they see a message if they have searched for a person,  job, or receipt that is "owned" by a Physical Location they do not have access to. The message advises them of which Physical Location "owns" the information and prompts them to contact that Physical Location to have the data transferred if required. 

*Some data is communal to all areas and this information can be updated by any user, regardless of their regional restrictions. Further restrictions may then be set using standard User settings. 

The following General elements are regionalised: 

  • Accounts
  • Bequest Asset GL Codes
  • Clinics
  • Kennel list
  • Shelter Locations
  • Shelters/Rescues
  • Vets
  • Adoption Fees
  • User Access
  • Emergency Boarding Fees
  • Abandoned Animal Fees
  • DOA fees
  • Surrender Fees
  • Euthanasia Request fees
  • Identification & Services Fees (generic, not associated with specific items)
  • Stray fees
  • Hold Times
  • Products/Services
  • Reclaim Fees
  • License/Registration
  • Digital Signatures
  • Animal Tasks 
  • Most templated documents (e.g. email templates)

All other drop-down information is communal. 

Animal Pages

Super Users are unaffected

Restricted users will only see regionalised information in drop-downs on the following pages:

  • Animal Details 
  • Medical Notes
  • Behaviour Screens

They will also only see locations they are assigned to in the Physical Location drop-downs on the Animal Search, however, unless filtered by this drop-down, searches will still return all animals, regardless of where they are from. 


Person Pages

Super Users are unaffected. 

Restricted users will only see Person information via search returns. If they attempt to open the record, they will be asked to contact the "owning" location to transfer details. 

For more information on how to do this, see our help guide HERE



Dispatch pages are restricted by login type also. Information is filtered by the Physical Locations assigned to a user. If a dispatch job was entered by someone from a location the restricted users do not have access to, they will not see the job. 

If your officers roam, or if you have users who dispatch jobs for all locations, make sure both they and your officers have access to all Physical Locations to ensure they don't miss jobs. 

For more information, please see our help guide HERE



Reports are partially regionalised: some common reports are regionalised by default, but others remain in their native state.

Overseer users will be able to see all information for any Physical Location they are assigned to, even if "All Locations" is selected. 

Regular users will only be able to see information for their own Physical Location, even if "All Locations" is selected. 

For more information, please see our help guide HERE


Users with Physical Location restrictions can print receipts for records not in their location, but they cannot edit them. 

Only users assigned to the same location as the receipt are able to edit receipts (and super users)


These are also regionalised: they can be assigned to specific Physical Locations so if a restricted user checks the drop-down, it will only show shelter/rescues assigned to their location. 

For more information, please see our help guide HERE



Restricted users can only view bequest information assigned to their own Physical Location(s). Users cannot add animals to bequest people that are not assigned to their Physical Location or view data. 

For more information, please see our help guide HERE









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