Release Wildlife Animal


The following process is done via the Edit Animal Details page during/after the animal has been released back into the wild.  Ensure all animal details fields required based on shelter procedure are complete ad up to date.

  1. Obtain the Animal ID of the wildlife animal animal.
  2. On the Animal Search page enter the Animal ID. Click Search or Enter 
  3. Status: click on the down arrow to change the status to Wildlife Released. Depending on your local settings, you may also add a sub-status is required.
  4. Date Out / Lost: this will default to today’s date. If this is incorrect, click on the Calendar Icon to select the date the animal was euthanized.
  5. Release Site City: This will default to wherever the animal was originally found. Click on Find City to select the city where the release site is located if different from where the animal was found.
  6. The zip code, jurisdiction and state fields will default based on the city selection.
  7. Click Update Details to save and finish. 
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