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Although the vast majority of the time, you will have no idea if a wild animal has been in care before, there will be occasions where this does happen: for example, if an animal was tagged or chipped prior to release and therefore can be positively identified, or if the animal was released to a Wildlife Carer and the same carer has brought the animal back in for additional treatment/support. 

When this happens, these are the steps you need to take:

First, try and get as much information as possible about the person dropping off the wildlife animal.  Try to get a driver’s license.  If that fails, try to get a name and phone number.  Only as a last resort should you enter a wildlife animal from an anonymous person. Remember: they may already be on your database.

  1. If the animal has a chip or a tag, run a quick search of the database to find it's existing file and make a note of the Animal ID number using that information. If the animal has been brought in by a Wildlife Carer who says the animal has previously been in care with them, use their details to find the animal's file. 
    • It may help to also make note of the following information, depending on your protocols: 
      • Cause of Affliction
      • Reason
      • Injury
      • Address where found originally 
  2. If you have at least the name of the person bringing in the animal, do the following:
    • Search for the person.
    • If found, skip to step #2.
    • If not found, click on the Create a New Entry link or click on the New Record link in the orange menu to the left of the screen.
    • Fill in the relevant blanks on the Add New Person Mandatory fields: first name, last name, residential address, mailing address if different than residential,   telephone number, and gender.  Depending on your organization you may be required to confirm identification and include date of birth and a title.
    • Click Update Details.
  3. If you have no information about the person bringing in the stray, access the Edit Person Details page that has been set up as Last Name: Person First Name: Anonymous. You can normally navigate there easily from the Go to Anonymous Person link at the top of the New Record page. *This procedure may differ at different locations.  Be sure to double check with the manager. 
  4. On the Edit Person Details page, click on the Scroll To Bottom link in the upper left-hand section of the screen and click on the Wildlife link in the Personal Categories
  5. On the Wildlife menu page click on the Enter Existing Wildlife Animal
  6. A search page will load: enter the Animal ID number for the incoming animal and click View
  7. Complete the following (All Yellow fields are mandatory and may or may not be listed below):
    • Status: The previous status will be visible. Click on the down arrow to select a new appropriate status for the animal according to your protocols. A sub-status may also be required.  
    • Cause Of Affliction: click on the down arrow to select the reason why the animal has been brought to the shelter or the cause of injury to the animals. 
    • Reason: click on the down arrow to select the general reason the animal has been brought in.
    • Injury: click on the injury to select it.  If there is more than one listed that is applicable; click on the first reason, press and hold the Ctrl key on the keyboard and then click on all other applicable injuries.  Release the Ctrl key when all applicable injuries have been highlighted.
      • Other Injury: enter the name of the injury if it is not listed in the previous field.  Only one or the other of the two fields can be populated.
    • Lost/Found Address or Location fields
      • If you have an exact address, enter it.
      • If you do not have an exact address a description, an intersection, landmark description or other information can be entered.
      • There will be additional release fields that display to the right of the screen. Leave these as is.  They are to be utilized after the animal has been assessed.
    • Are we able to call this person to release this animal?: click on the down arrow to select yes or no.
    • Is the person a registered wildlife carer?: click on the down arrow to select yes or no.
    • Did the animal eat or drink anything?: click on the down arrow to select yes or no.
    • Accession Number: enter an accession number, if applicable.
    • Is there any concern regarding animal exposure?: click on the down arrow to select yes or no.
    • Details: enter any additional notes required.
    • Wildlife ID: this should be visible if the animal has been in care previously and has ID recorded. 
    • Click Update Details.
  8. This will take you to the Receipt Type Click on the Receipt for One Animal link.
  9. The Add Receipt page will display.
    • Payment Method: Click on the down arrow to select Free of Charge. *Generally there is not a fee for admitting wildlife; however, this may differ at different shelters.  This page is displayed so that donations can be entered if needed.
    • If digital signatures are utilised by your site, have your client sign now
    • Click Update + Print.
  10. Print copies of the receipt as required, and have the client sign your copy if digital signatures are not enabled.

Don’t forget to:

  • Print out a Kennel Card.
  • Add any applicable notes to the General Animal Notes link in the Animal Menu on the right side of the Edit Animal Details
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