Using the Match-making feature


In any case, you would need your adopter to apply to a new pet and proceed with the adoption, you can do this through our New Matchmaking feature.

***First thing to take note of is to make sure the adopter has a validated account.

We recommend that the adopter already exists with an account confirmed in the shelter's Contacts List, available on the Contacts page.

If the account is valid, you can follow these steps:

  1. Under the Adopets dashboard, click on CONTACTS.

  2. Search for the adopter by typing their first name, email, or phone number.

  3. Click on ACTIONS > "New Adoption Inquiry"

  4. ​Search for the pet's name and click on "Assign pet."

  5. In case there are any missing adoption questions to be answered, you might need to complete filling it out to submit the adoption inquiry.

After these steps are done, a new Adoption Application will be available for the pet selected under the Adoptions section.

If the adopter doesn't have a validated account kindly send us a message through chat or through our email at

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