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As Shelter Buddy is essentially a person-centric system (i.e. nearly all processes either start with or require a "person" record to be performed), it becomes necessary to qualify different types of "person" as a Person Record may actually reference details for a company, or society, or organisation rather than an individual. 

To do this, there is a drop down option on the Person Details Page that identifies what type of "person" this record relates to. The page may depend differently depending on which option is selected from this drop down. 

The following process details how to maintain this drop down list. 

Users will need access to the Administration menu to perform this procedure.

  • Click on the Administration link in the Orange Menu on the left hand side of the screen.
  • Click on the Edit Drop Down Lists

To Add a Person Record Type:

  • Locate Person Record Type in the menu
  • Click on the Add link. This will generate a popup window.
  • Type the name/title of the Person Record type into the text box Person Record Type Description.
  • If the record is for a company, organisation or business, mark the box Default to Company Tab. This will cause the Person Details Page to open to the Company tab rather than the Main Tab, so company information will always be displayed first and foremost. If you want the page to default as normal, leave this box unmarked. 
  • Click Add Person Record Type Description. The popup window will close.

To Edit a Person Record Type:

  • Locate Person Record Type in the menu
  • Click on the Edit link to alter an existing Person Record Type description. This will generate a popup window.
  • Select the Person Record Type to be altered from the drop down by clicking the down arrow.
  • New Person Record Type Description: enter the new / correct Person Record Type Description.
  • Mark or unmark the Default to Company Tab box as required.
  • Click Edit Person Record Type. The popup window will disappear.

To Delete a Person Record Type:

  • Locate Person Record Type in the menu
  • Click on the Delete link to delete an existing Person Record Type. This will generate a popup window.
  • From the drop down, click on the down arrow to select the Person Record Type Description to be deleted.
  • Click Delete Person Record Type. Click OK on the validation pop up that appears to check you really want to delete the entry.  The popup window will disappear.
  • NB: if you delete a Person Record Type and it has been assigned to a Person Details Page, the next time you visit that page the Person Record Type will now default to the first available option in alphabetical order from the Person Record Type drop down.
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