Admin - Transfer a Person to a Receipt


This feature allows you to move a receipt from one person's record to another, for example, if it was added to the wrong file mistakenly. 

Note: once this process has been performed, no record of the receipt will exist on the original person's file. This process should not be used in the circumstance that one person has gifted a donation (for example) to another person. It should only be used if the person who was originally assigned to the receipt should never have been associated with it. 

Users will need access to the Administration menu to perform this task.

Before you begin, you will need to have made note of the Person ID number the receipt needs to be transferred to and the receipt number itself. 

  1. From the Welcome/Search page, click on the Administration menu
  2. Locate and click on the link Receipt Administration
  3. In the resulting menu, locate and click on the link Transfer a person to a Receipt
  4. Person ID: enter the Person ID number for the person the receipt is to be linked to into this text box. 
  5. Receipt ID: enter the Receipt ID number for the receipt to be transferred into this text box. 
  6. Click Search
  7. Three new boxes will appear - First Name, Last Name and Receipt Date. These are to help you verify the numbers you entered were correct and you are assigning the right receipt to the correct person. 
  8. Click Transfer Person to Receipt
  9. The page will return to the Receipt Administration menu page, indicating the transfer was successful. 


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