Digital Signatures - Signing from a Desktop Monitor


Entering a Receipt For Signing 

The process for entering a receipt does not change, when you are on the receipt page of a receipt that can be digitally signed, you will see the following options:


Document number is only relevant if the person will be signing with a tablet device.

Sign Receipt Click this button to sign the document using a desktop monitor and mouse.

Sign this receipt offline will only show if selected in the configuration administration (see separate article).  This will mean that the person will sign the traditional way using a pen and paper.

This receipt will be signed at a later time, will only show if selected in the configuration administration (see separate article).  This will mean that the receipt can be signed later from the animal details page via a link "sign now" next to the receipts listed for the animal. 




Signing From a Desktop Monitor With a Mouse


Clicking the Sign Receipt button will open a full-page screen and load the wording for the person to read when they are ready to sign. There will be no options to navigate to other Shelter Buddy pages from this screen.  Click into the signature canvas and hold the right mouse button to drag a line and sign their name. 

If they make a mistake, they can click the Clear button, or Accept to add the signature to the contract:


If a receipt is set up for additional signatures then you can scroll down and process the additional signatures the same way.  Once finished you can scroll to the very bottom and click Finalize Signature which will save the signatures to the receipt.  The customer will see this message


Click the small grey cross in the top right corner to close and return to the receipt. This was deliberately made quite small and unobtrusive so customers don't close it by accident. 

The receipt will now be marked with This receipt was signed electronically in place of the canvas that previously held the options for signatures. 

You can now click "update + print" on the receipt page to show the receipt with the signatures embedded.

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