How to sign up to adopt a pet?


Head over to the website and click on Sign Up. You will then be prompted to fill up your personal information, as shown below:

1) Start selecting your country of residence:

2) Fill out your profile information

3) Continue with your address information

4) Fill out your best email and a secure password

5) Once you submit, you will receive an email confirmation with code like the one below

6) Make sure to input that code back to the pop up to validate your email, and you will be able to start submitting adoption applications.

Once you confirm, you will be able to:
Through Adopets, you can:

  1. Save animals you liked the most by favoriting them

  2. Submit adoption applications

  3. Track your entire adoption process directly from the platform

  4. Sign the adoption agreement and pay the adoption fee once you got approved

  5. Schedule the pet pick up time with the shelter

  6. Bring home your new furry friend!

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