What happens after I submit my application?


As soon as you submit your application to adopt a pet, the Shelter responsible for that pet will receive the request and add it to their processing queue to review.

Until the review starts on the Shelter side, your application will have the Pending status, like the exemplified one below.

Once the review process starts at the shelter, you will receive an email notifying you about that application status change with further information provided by the organization you applied to adopt from, like in the example below.

Make sure to get informed through that email and the following emails, as each shelter will continuously guide you through their adoption process with these smart notifications. It is important to note that the emails may vary per organization.

Once your application is Under Review, you will also notice that status change under your Active Applications section on the Adopter platform, which can be accessed through this link: https://adopt.adopets.com/my-account/applications-active.

You may also be aware that depending on how many adoption requests the pet received, it could get approved to someone else before your request even gets reviewed.

In case that happens and someone else ends adopting that pet, you will also be notified accordingly that this pet is no longer available for adoption.

So, the essential rule after applying is: stay tuned to the notifications you'll receive along the way.

As application processing times may vary from organization to organization, please be patient and wait for the organization’s feedback.

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