Basic Set Up Guides


These guides may help you set up your site for more effective use:

Add-Edit-Delete Shelter Locations

Add-Edit-Delete Kennel Numbers

Add-Edit-Delete Shelter or Rescue

Add-Edit-Delete Agency Record / Jurisdiction

Adding Euthanasia Reasons

Surrender Reasons Add-Edit-Delete-Group

Reclaim / Redemption Administration

Manage License / Registration

Question and Form Administration Set-Up

Add-Edit-Delete Behaviour Assessment Handlers-Observers

Add-Edit-Delete Indemnities / Waivers

Add Medication to List

Add Vet Treatment to List and Auto-Allocate Fees

Edit User Access


Undo / Reversal options (NB: do not simply delete if there is an undo option - just deleting will cause issues with your files. ALWAYS use the undo option.)

Undo an Adoption

Undo a Return

Undo Internal Transfer

Undo a Reclaim / Redemption

Undo Transfer Out to External Agency / Shelter / Rescue

Undo Foster Process

For more Admin functions, search "Admin" in Zendesk's main library!

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