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This feature allows you to edit items of an adoption that aren't otherwise accessible, such as the adoption processing date or the user who processed the adoption. This can be useful for amending minor discrepancies and for balancing differences between 196 Adopted List Report and 222 Adopters Report. 

Note: Report 196 "Adopted List Report" uses the date the adoption was processed in the system, not the date assigned to the Adopted status or receipt. Adoptions that are backdated will not appear on the correct date on this report for that reason unless the process below is applied. 

To perform this action, you will need access to the Administration menu. 

From the Welcome / Search main page:

  1. Select the Administration option in the orange left-hand menu
  2. Find and click on the option for Adoption Administration
  3. Find and click on the option for Edit Adoption History
  4. Two text boxes will be presented to you. Enter the Person ID for the person who adopted the animal into the top text box and the Animal ID number in question into the bottom text box then click the Search for Adoption button.
  5. The following fields will display:
    • Region: This will display the region the user was logged in as when the adoption was processed. If this is incorrect, click the down arrow at the end of the box to make another selection. 
    • Added Date Time: This will display the date the adoption was actually processed. If it needs to be amended to a different date, click the calendar icon to select a new date. 
    • If your site DOES NOT accept spay/neuter deposits, skip the next three options and leave them at their default settings. For those who do accept spay/neuter deposits:
      • Deposit From: This will display the same date as above. If the date shown is incorrect you can click on the calendar icon beside it to select a new date. 
      • Deposit To: This field will display whatever was entered at the time the adoption was processed. Click the calendar icon to select a new date if required. 
      • Deposit Amount($): This field will show whatever deposit amount was entered via the Adoption Processing page. If the amount entered was incorrect, it can be amended here. 
    • Adoption Fees: This field is mandatory and will only show adoption fees linked to the region currently assigned (and saved) for this adoption. If the region was incorrect, you will need to save changes to the region first and then re-edit to change the Adoption fees. 
    • User: This will default to the user who processed the adoption, and the region they are linked to. To change users, place your cursor into the field to highlight and either delete manually or click the X that will appear at the end of the box to clear existing text. Begin typing the name of the person who really processed the adoption and the field will suggest options the fit from the user list. Select the appropriate option from the list as it is offered (the field will not accept a manually typed name, even if it matches the one offered from the list in every way. It MUST be selected from the list). 
    • Click Update
    • Your changes will be saved and you will return to the Edit Adoption History page. 


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