Dog Obedience


The original Dog Obedience module is very simple. It allows you to record the details of people and their pets that have enrolled in specific training classes. Much of the detail is manually entered. 

Set up:

NOTE: Most features of this module can only be updated or amended by Shelter Buddy programmers. These areas include:

  • Course names
  • Locations where Classes are held

For changes to these areas, please contact 

To perform this task, you must be able to access the Administration menu. 

  1. Go to Administration > Obedience Course Administration
  2. Select the Course from the drop-down
  3. In the Class Size text box that appears, enter the number of dogs that may attend. Only whole numbers are accepted.
  4. Click Update


Enrolling Students:

  1. Search for the Person. If they do not already have a file, create one for them. The steps for creating a new person can be found here: New Person Procedure
  2. From the Person Details page, click the List Animals Responsible For to see if the pet the person is wishing to enrol is linked to them already.
    • If it is, make a note of the Animal ID number.
    • If it is not, ask if it may have a record linked to a different person. If it does, check to see if a microchip number or license / registration number is recorded with the animal's information. If not, you may want to search for the animal separately before you start to make it easier.
  3. Once you have confirmed if the animal has an existing file or not, return to the Person Details page and click Scroll to Bottom
  4. In the Person Categories at the bottom (PCs) select the option Dog Obedience
  5. If the animal did not have an existing file, click the option Add New Animal
    • The Animal Details entry page will load, with the Source Dog Obedience and Status Information
    • If the Microchip Number is known, enter it into the field provided. 
    • Enter the Animal Name
    • If the animal's Date of Birth is known, click on the Calendar Icon to enter it into the DOB field. If it is not, enter the age into the Weeks, Months, Years drop-downs and click the Is this an approximate Age tick box. 
    • Select the Animal Type from the drop-down (e.g. Dog, Puppy). This will load the options available in the Breed/Species field. 
    • Depending on local settings, you may be required to select an option for Feral. Select no or skip to the next. 
    • Place your cursor into the Breed/Species field and type the first few letters of the pet's breed. Select from the list of options offered. This will trigger options in the Primary and Secondary Colour drop-downs. 
    • Amend the Mixed Breed drop-down as appropriate. 
    • Enter a secondary Breed/Species if known and/or applicable
    • Select an option to indicate if the animal is spayed, neutered, or entire. 
    • Select options as applicable from the Primary Colour and Secondary Colour drop downs
    • Enter any other mandatory fields for your site and click Update Details to proceed. 
    • The New Entry page for Dog Obedience will display.
  6. If the animal has a file that is NOT linked to the person, click the option Search Existing Animal
    • An Advanced Animal Search page will display. 
    • Enter a microchip number, license / registration number or any other unique identifier into the allocated search field and click Search
    • Click the link Enroll that appears on the left of the desired animal
    • The New Entry page for Dog Obedience will display.
  7. If the animal has a file linked to the person, click the option Enrol Existing Animal
    • A list of all animals linked to that person will display
    • Click the link Enroll that appears on the left of the desired animal
    • The New Entry page for Dog Obedience will display.
  8. Select the Course you would like to enrol the dog / puppy into from the drop-down
  9. Select the Location the desired class is held at
  10. Enter the Start date for the Course by clicking on the calendar icon.
  11. Select the Month this particular student's course will commence from the drop-down
  12. Select the Day they would like to attend class from the drop-down.
  13. Select the Time  the class is held from the drop-down.
  14. Click Update Details 
  15. The Add Receipt page will load. 
    • Select the Payment Method and add the Payment Amount into the text box
    • Allocate the amount(s) as required into the Allocation rows
    • Click Update Receipt or Update + Print to finish. 
  16. The page will return to the Dog Obedience page. This page is designed to record correspondence, such as confirmation of attendance, the name of the person who will be handling the animal (if different from the person who enrolled the pet) and the details of where the handler lives. Fill in this information as required and click Update Details to finish. 


There is a suite of reports available in Reports > Dog Obedience for this module, which includes course numbers, enrollments and more. 


NOTE: if you would like to have more control over your animal training classes, you can upgrade to our Animal Training module (not available for Express sites).

Click here for more information on this module: Advanced Animal Training Add-on Module or contact

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