Person Profile - Characteristics


Characteristics are the equivalent of Person Categories in the Classic User Interface. This document walks you through how to find, add, and remove Characteristics. 


  1. From the landing page, search for the Person you wish to view (if you need tips, click here)
  2. From the end of the person's row, find the three-dot "hamburger menu" on the right. 
  3. Your cursor should turn from an arrow to a pointing finger when you hover over the dots. When it shows the pointing finger, click your left mouse button to see the two options. 
    • Clicking See Person Detail will take you to the Classic Person Details page. 
    • Clicking See Person Profile will take you to the new Person Profile page
  4. Click See Person Profile to proceed. 
  5. On the Person Profile dashboard, the centre of the page will default to the Characteristics tab: 
  6. The characteristics that are currently assigned to the person will display in alphabetical order under the Characteristics heading.
  7. Right now, these are for your information only. You cannot change or remove them, and the only way to add one is if the person interacts with the database the same way Person Categories are activated on the classic User Interface. 
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