User Guide: Shelter Staff


Have questions about using Adōpets? Try watching a video on the feature you want to try. Click the links below to get started.

🎥 All Pets:

✅ Check out your organization's All Pets menu!

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🎥 Adoption Management:

✅ Access your team's Adoptions menu!

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🎥 Visitor Management:

✅ View your team's Visitors menu.

⚠️ Can't see it? Email to set up visitor management. ⚠️

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🎥 Contacts:

✅ See your team's Contacts menu.

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🎥 Settings and Reports:

✅ Access your Settings, Reports, and Dashboard.

⚠️ Only Super Users and Owners can access Settings. Only Super Users, Owners, and Admins can access the Reports and Dashboard. ⚠️

🆘 Troubleshooting:

⁉️ Frequently Asked Questions:

👀 View our full FAQ list here. 👀

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