Breed Mapping for PetFinder and


Below you will see the list of breeds that Petfinder have (this is an old list from 2011 so Petfinder may be able to supply a new one for you).  Changing a breed to match this list exactly is usually enough to push an animal to the site. If that isn't possible, you will need to contact Petfinder to discuss appropriate breed labelling. If they opt to add a new breed to their list, please let us know so we can map it for you. Alternatively, we can map your breed to a similar breed on Petfinder's list, even if it isn't exact, provided no other breed is already mapped to it.

Similar to Petfinder except you will need to contact Adoptapet support with the breeds you need to be added and they will work with you on the mapping.


Petfinder Breed list:

Type PrimaryBreed/SecondaryBreed
Barnyard Llama
Barnyard Alpaca
Barnyard Angus
Barnyard Holstein
Barnyard Jersey
Barnyard Cow
Barnyard Barbados
Barnyard Shetland
Barnyard Merino
Barnyard Mouflon
Barnyard Sheep
Barnyard Alpine
Barnyard Pygmy
Barnyard Nigerian Dwarf
Barnyard Goat
Barnyard Pig
Barnyard Pot Bellied
Barnyard Vietnamese Pot Bellied
Barnyard Angora
Barnyard Boer
Barnyard LaMancha
Barnyard Myotonic / Fainting
Barnyard Nubian
Barnyard Oberhasli
Barnyard Saanen
Barnyard Toggenburg
Barnyard Duroc
Barnyard Hampshire
Barnyard Landrace
Barnyard Yorkshire
Bird African Grey
Bird Amazon
Bird Brotogeris
Bird Budgie / Budgerigar
Bird Cockatiel
Bird Cockatoo
Bird Conure
Bird Caique
Bird Eclectus
Bird Kakariki
Bird Lory / Lorikeet
Bird Lovebird
Bird Macaw
Bird Parrot (Other)
Bird Parrotlet
Bird Pionus
Bird Poicephalus / Senegal
Bird Quaker Parakeet
Bird Ringneck / Psittacula
Bird Rosella
Bird Button-Quail
Bird Chicken
Bird Emu
Bird Duck
Bird Goose
Bird Guinea Fowl
Bird Ostrich
Bird Peacock / Peafowl
Bird Pheasant
Bird Quail
Bird Rhea
Bird Swan
Bird Toucan
Bird Turkey
Bird Canary
Bird Finch
Bird Dove
Bird Pigeon
Bird Parakeet (Other)
Cat Abyssinian
Cat American Curl
Cat American Shorthair
Cat American Wirehair
Cat Applehead Siamese
Cat Balinese
Cat Bengal
Cat Birman
Cat American Bobtail
Cat Bombay
Cat British Shorthair
Cat Burmese
Cat Burmilla
Cat Calico
Cat Canadian Hairless
Cat Chartreux
Cat Chausie
Cat Chinchilla
Cat Cornish Rex
Cat Cymric
Cat Devon Rex
Cat Dilute Calico
Cat Dilute Tortoiseshell
Cat Domestic Long Hair
Cat Domestic Medium Hair
Cat Domestic Short Hair
Cat Egyptian Mau
Cat Exotic Shorthair
Cat Extra-Toes Cat / Hemingway Polydactyl
Cat Havana
Cat Himalayan
Cat Japanese Bobtail
Cat Javanese
Cat Korat
Cat LaPerm
Cat Maine Coon
Cat Manx
Cat Munchkin
Cat Nebelung
Cat Norwegian Forest Cat
Cat Ocicat
Cat Oriental Long Hair
Cat Oriental Short Hair
Cat Oriental Tabby
Cat Persian
Cat Pixiebob
Cat Ragamuffin
Cat Ragdoll
Cat Russian Blue
Cat Scottish Fold
Cat Selkirk Rex
Cat Siamese
Cat Siberian
Cat Silver
Cat Singapura
Cat Snowshoe
Cat Somali
Cat Sphynx / Hairless Cat
Cat Tabby
Cat Tiger
Cat Tonkinese
Cat Torbie
Cat Tortoiseshell
Cat Turkish Angora
Cat Turkish Van
Cat Tuxedo
Cat York Chocolate
Dog Affenpinscher
Dog Afghan Hound
Dog Airedale Terrier
Dog Akbash
Dog Akita
Dog Alaskan Malamute
Dog American Bulldog
Dog American Eskimo Dog
Dog American Hairless Terrier
Dog American Staffordshire Terrier
Dog American Water Spaniel
Dog Anatolian Shepherd
Dog Appenzell Mountain Dog
Dog Australian Cattle Dog / Blue Heeler
Dog Australian Kelpie
Dog Australian Shepherd
Dog Australian Terrier
Dog Basenji
Dog Basset Hound
Dog Beagle
Dog Bearded Collie
Dog Beauceron
Dog Bedlington Terrier
Dog Belgian Shepherd / Sheepdog
Dog Belgian Shepherd / Laekenois
Dog Belgian Shepherd / Malinois
Dog Belgian Shepherd / Tervuren
Dog Bernese Mountain Dog
Dog Bichon Frise
Dog Black and Tan Coonhound
Dog Black Labrador Retriever
Dog Black Mouth Cur
Dog Black Russian Terrier
Dog Bloodhound
Dog Blue Lacy
Dog Bluetick Coonhound
Dog Boerboel
Dog Bolognese
Dog Border Collie
Dog Border Terrier
Dog Borzoi
Dog Boston Terrier
Dog Bouvier des Flandres
Dog Boxer
Dog Boykin Spaniel
Dog Briard
Dog Brittany Spaniel
Dog Brussels Griffon
Dog Bull Terrier
Dog Bullmastiff
Dog Cairn Terrier
Dog Canaan Dog
Dog Cane Corso
Dog Carolina Dog
Dog Catahoula Leopard Dog
Dog Cattle Dog
Dog Caucasian Sheepdog / Caucasian Ovtcharka
Dog Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Dog Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Dog Chihuahua
Dog Chinese Crested Dog
Dog Chinese Foo Dog
Dog Chinook
Dog Chocolate Labrador Retriever
Dog Chow Chow
Dog Cirneco dell'Etna
Dog Clumber Spaniel
Dog Cockapoo
Dog Cocker Spaniel
Dog Collie
Dog Coonhound
Dog Corgi
Dog Coton de Tulear
Dog Curly-Coated Retriever
Dog Dachshund
Dog Dalmatian
Dog Dandie Dinmont Terrier
Dog Doberman Pinscher
Dog Dogo Argentino
Dog Dogue de Bordeaux
Dog Dutch Shepherd
Dog English Bulldog
Dog English Cocker Spaniel
Dog English Coonhound
Dog English Pointer
Dog English Setter
Dog English Shepherd
Dog English Springer Spaniel
Dog English Toy Spaniel
Dog Entlebucher
Dog Eskimo Dog
Dog Feist
Dog Field Spaniel
Dog Fila Brasileiro
Dog Finnish Lapphund
Dog Finnish Spitz
Dog Flat-Coated Retriever
Dog Fox Terrier
Dog Foxhound
Dog French Bulldog
Dog Galgo Spanish Greyhound
Dog German Pinscher
Dog German Shepherd Dog
Dog German Shorthaired Pointer
Dog German Spitz
Dog German Wirehaired Pointer
Dog Giant Schnauzer
Dog Glen of Imaal Terrier
Dog Golden Retriever
Dog Gordon Setter
Dog Great Dane
Dog Great Pyrenees
Dog Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
Dog Greyhound
Dog Harrier
Dog Havanese
Dog Hound
Dog Hovawart
Dog Husky
Dog Ibizan Hound
Dog Illyrian Sheepdog
Dog Irish Setter
Dog Irish Terrier
Dog Irish Water Spaniel
Dog Irish Wolfhound
Dog Italian Greyhound
Dog Spinone Italiano
Dog Jack Russell Terrier
Dog Parson Russell Terrier
Dog Japanese Chin
Dog Jindo
Dog Kai Dog
Dog Karelian Bear Dog
Dog Keeshond
Dog Kerry Blue Terrier
Dog Kishu
Dog Klee Kai
Dog Komondor
Dog Kuvasz
Dog Kyi Leo
Dog Labrador Retriever
Dog Lakeland Terrier
Dog Lancashire Heeler
Dog Leonberger
Dog Lhasa Apso
Dog Lowchen
Dog Maltese
Dog Manchester Terrier
Dog Maremma Sheepdog
Dog Mastiff
Dog McNab
Dog Miniature Pinscher
Dog Mountain Cur
Dog Mountain Dog
Dog Munsterlander
Dog Neapolitan Mastiff
Dog New Guinea Singing Dog
Dog Newfoundland Dog
Dog Norfolk Terrier
Dog Norwegian Buhund
Dog Norwegian Elkhound
Dog Norwegian Lundehund
Dog Norwich Terrier
Dog Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
Dog Old English Sheepdog
Dog Otterhound
Dog Papillon
Dog Patterdale Terrier / Fell Terrier
Dog Pekingese
Dog Peruvian Inca Orchid
Dog Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen
Dog Pharaoh Hound
Dog Pit Bull Terrier
Dog Plott Hound
Dog Portuguese Podengo
Dog Pointer
Dog Polish Lowland Sheepdog
Dog Pomeranian
Dog Poodle
Dog Portuguese Water Dog
Dog Presa Canario
Dog Pug
Dog Puli
Dog Pumi
Dog Rat Terrier
Dog Redbone Coonhound
Dog Retriever
Dog Rhodesian Ridgeback
Dog Rottweiler
Dog Saint Bernard
Dog Saluki
Dog Samoyed
Dog Sarplaninac
Dog Schipperke
Dog Schnauzer
Dog Scottish Deerhound
Dog Scottish Terrier
Dog Sealyham Terrier
Dog Shar-Pei
Dog Sheep Dog
Dog Shepherd
Dog Shetland Sheepdog / Sheltie
Dog Shiba Inu
Dog Shih Tzu
Dog Siberian Husky
Dog Silky Terrier
Dog Skye Terrier
Dog Sloughi
Dog Smooth Fox Terrier
Dog South Russian Ovtcharka
Dog Spaniel
Dog Spitz
Dog Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Dog Standard Poodle
Dog Sussex Spaniel
Dog Swedish Vallhund
Dog Terrier
Dog Thai Ridgeback
Dog Tibetan Mastiff
Dog Tibetan Spaniel
Dog Tibetan Terrier
Dog Tosa Inu
Dog Toy Fox Terrier
Dog Treeing Walker Coonhound
Dog Vizsla
Dog Weimaraner
Dog Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Dog Welsh Springer Spaniel
Dog Welsh Terrier
Dog West Highland White Terrier / Westie
Dog Wheaten Terrier
Dog Whippet
Dog White German Shepherd
Dog Wire Fox Terrier
Dog Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
Dog Wirehaired Terrier
Dog Xoloitzcuintli / Mexican Hairless
Dog Yellow Labrador Retriever
Dog Yorkshire Terrier
Dog Setter
Dog Icelandic Sheepdog
Dog Hamiltonstovare
Dog Miniature Schnauzer
Dog Mixed Breed
Dog Rough Collie
Dog Smooth Collie
Dog Spanish Water Dog
Dog Standard Schnauzer
Dog Wirehaired Dachshund
Dog American Foxhound
Dog Miniature Bull Terrier
Dog Miniature Dachshund
Dog English Foxhound
Dog Toy Manchester Terrier
Dog Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Dog Miniature Poodle
Dog Pyrenean Shepherd
Horse Appaloosa
Horse Arabian
Horse Belgian
Horse Clydesdale
Horse Curly Horse
Horse Draft
Horse Gaited
Horse Grade
Horse Lipizzan
Horse Missouri Foxtrotter
Horse Morgan
Horse Mustang
Horse Paint / Pinto
Horse Palomino
Horse Paso Fino
Horse Percheron
Horse Peruvian Paso
Horse Quarterhorse
Horse Saddlebred
Horse Standardbred
Horse Tennessee Walker
Horse Thoroughbred
Horse Warmblood
Horse Donkey
Horse Miniature Horse
Horse Mule
Horse Pony
Horse Shetland Pony
Horse Friesian
Horse Haflinger
Horse Icelandic Horse
Horse Rocky Mountain Horse
Horse Connemara
Horse Pony of the Americas
Rabbit American
Rabbit American Fuzzy Lop
Rabbit American Sable
Rabbit Angora Rabbit
Rabbit Belgian Hare
Rabbit Beveren
Rabbit Britannia Petite
Rabbit Bunny Rabbit
Rabbit Californian
Rabbit Champagne D'Argent
Rabbit Checkered Giant
Rabbit Chinchilla
Rabbit Cinnamon
Rabbit Creme D'Argent
Rabbit Dutch
Rabbit Dwarf
Rabbit Dwarf Eared
Rabbit English Lop
Rabbit English Spot
Rabbit Flemish Giant
Rabbit Florida White
Rabbit French Lop
Rabbit Harlequin
Rabbit Havana
Rabbit Himalayan
Rabbit Holland Lop
Rabbit Hotot
Rabbit Jersey Wooly
Rabbit Lilac
Rabbit Lionhead
Rabbit Lop Eared
Rabbit Mini Rex
Rabbit Mini Lop
Rabbit Netherland Dwarf
Rabbit New Zealand
Rabbit Palomino
Rabbit Polish
Rabbit Rex
Rabbit Rhinelander
Rabbit Satin
Rabbit Silver
Rabbit Silver Fox
Rabbit Silver Marten
Rabbit Tan
Scales, Fins & Other Frog
Scales, Fins & Other Bullfrog
Scales, Fins & Other Horned Frog
Scales, Fins & Other Tree Frog
Scales, Fins & Other Leopard Frog
Scales, Fins & Other Toad
Scales, Fins & Other Fire-Bellied
Scales, Fins & Other Southern
Scales, Fins & Other Goldfish
Scales, Fins & Other Freshwater Fish
Scales, Fins & Other Saltwater Fish
Scales, Fins & Other Tiger Salamander
Scales, Fins & Other Fire Salamander
Scales, Fins & Other Fire-Bellied Newt
Scales, Fins & Other Paddle Tailed Newt
Scales, Fins & Other Oregon Newt
Scales, Fins & Other Turtle
Scales, Fins & Other Red-Eared Slider
Scales, Fins & Other Yellow-Bellied Slider
Scales, Fins & Other Painted
Scales, Fins & Other Mud
Scales, Fins & Other Musk
Scales, Fins & Other Snapping
Scales, Fins & Other Soft Shell
Scales, Fins & Other Eastern Box
Scales, Fins & Other Ornamental Box
Scales, Fins & Other Florida Box
Scales, Fins & Other Asian Box
Scales, Fins & Other Three-Toed Box
Scales, Fins & Other Box
Scales, Fins & Other Russian
Scales, Fins & Other Red Foot
Scales, Fins & Other Sulcata
Scales, Fins & Other Leopard
Scales, Fins & Other Tortoise
Scales, Fins & Other Boa Constrictor
Scales, Fins & Other Boa
Scales, Fins & Other Burmese Python
Scales, Fins & Other Ball Python
Scales, Fins & Other Python
Scales, Fins & Other King / Milk
Scales, Fins & Other Corn / Rat
Scales, Fins & Other Bull
Scales, Fins & Other Garter / Ribbon
Scales, Fins & Other Snake
Scales, Fins & Other Tarantula
Scales, Fins & Other Scorpion
Scales, Fins & Other Hermit Crab
Scales, Fins & Other Lizard
Scales, Fins & Other Iguana
Scales, Fins & Other Bearded Dragon
Scales, Fins & Other Uromastyx
Scales, Fins & Other Gecko
Scales, Fins & Other Chameleon
Scales, Fins & Other Monitor
Scales, Fins & Other Mississippi Map Turtle
Scales, Fins & Other Other
Scales, Fins & Other Water Dragon
Small & Furry Chinchilla
Small & Furry Degu
Small & Furry Ferret
Small & Furry Gerbil
Small & Furry Hamster
Small & Furry Hedgehog
Small & Furry Mouse
Small & Furry Rat
Small & Furry Skunk
Small & Furry Sugar Glider
Small & Furry Abyssinian
Small & Furry Peruvian
Small & Furry Rex
Small & Furry Teddy
Small & Furry Short-Haired
Small & Furry Silkie / Sheltie
Small & Furry Guinea Pig
Small & Furry Prairie Dog
Small & Furry Dwarf Hamster

Additional breeds available to Adoptapets (have not confirmed PetFinder at this time):

Dog Alaskan Klee Kai
Dog Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Dog Parson Russell Terrier
Dog Miniature Dachshund
Dog Miniature Bull Terrier
Dog German Spitz
Dog Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Dog Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Dog English Cocker Spaniel
Dog American Cocker Spaniel
Dog Caucasian Shepherd Dog
Dog Icelandic Sheepdog
Dog Norwegian Lundehund
Dog Mutt
Cat Tabby


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