Add Membership Details


This is how to add Membership Details to a Person Entry. 

  1. Search for the Person record.
    • If found, skip to step #2.
    • If not found, click on the Create a New Entry link or click on the New Record link in the orange menu to the left of the screen.
    • Fill in the relevant blanks on the Add New Person page. Mandatory fields: first       name, last name, residential address, mailing address if different than residential, telephone number, email address if relevant and gender.  Depending on your organisation you may be required to confirm identification and include date-of-birth.
    • Click Update Details.
  2. On the Edit Person Details page, click on the Scroll To Bottom link in the upper left-hand section of the screen and then click on the Membership link in the Personal Categories section.
  3. Select the type of Membership from the Drop Down List (These can be managed via Admin > Edit Drop Down Lists > Add/Edit Member Types)
  4. If known, the membership can be flagged that the person has been checked for and found to be free of any allegations of cruelty towards animals.
  5. Select the applicable Membership Group. The defaults are Corporate, Family and Special. Selecting Corporate will populate the Name: box with the Company Name field, Family will populate it with the Surname field and Special will leave it empty so the user can enter something unique to this field if required.
  6. Membership # will automatically generate if this has been set up in Membership Administration. Otherwise, it can be manually entered. This field can only be edited via the Change Membership Number link.
  7. Select the Branch the membership relates to. 
  8. Select the Region and allocate the joining date
  9. The Renewal Date can be set manually, or use the Set to Next Renewal Date button to add dates as set in Edit Drop Down Lists > Membership Types
  10. Fill in the remainder of information as appropriate and click Update Details to save.

The Membership will appear as INACTIVE until activated by running report 259 "New Members to Approve". Once this report has been run as the member's approved status is set at "Yes", they will be ACTIVE members.



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