Why wasn’t I selected to adopt?


There are many reasons why an applicant could end up not being selected to adopt a pet.

And these may vary a lot depending on how each organization understands and processes adopters' information, to ensure that a great match will happen for you and the pet.

To add it up, things like the number of applications a pet has received can also significantly impact that decision.

In those cases, it is not that you're not a good fit, but if you were the 10th person applying to the pet you fell in love with, your chances might not be as high as you think to adopt them.

So earlier you apply, the higher will be your chances of being approved for adoption. That's why you should be checking the website or public page of the organization you're looking to adopt from daily.

As Adopets, we recommend you to stay positive. If you don't get to adopt first try, we're sure you'll get there if you don't give up. Your furry friend can be one adoption application away.

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