Create Citations for Licenses Not Renewed


This process allows you to add bulk citations for all instances where licenses/registrations have not been renewed. 

This process assumes you have already set up your citations and expired any licenses/registrations that have not been renewed. 

For more information on these processes, see our help guides:

  1. From the Welcome/Search page, click the link for Administration
  2. Locate and click on the link Legal Proceeding Administration
  3. Locate and click on the link Create Citations from Expired LicensesExpiredLicenseCitationLink.png
  4. From this link, the search page will load to search for expired licenses.
  5. Date Range: Enter the date range of the expired licenses
  6. Issuer: This field will be described using your local terminology (e.g. jurisdiction, agency, council etc). Below it is illustrated using the word "Council". Click the down arrow to select the body that issued the license/registration. 
  7. Violation to Apply: Click the down arrow to select which violation you would like to apply for the citation.
  8. Automatically Assign Citation Number Starting From: If you allocate citation numbers you have the option of entering this for ShelterBuddy to allocation the citation numbers. This is a basic citation number of a prefix with a number.ExpiredLicenseCitationForm.png
  9. Click Search to show a list of expired licenses to review.
  10. The warning column will show messages such as "this animal already has the violation applied". ExpiredLicenseCitationSearchResults.png
  11. Click Next and citations will be added with the selected violation to the animal and owner with the issue date as the current date, the address of offence as the person's physical address and some notes to say that it was entered using this bulk feature.
  12. A summary of successfully applied citations will show:ExpiredLicenseCitationResults.png
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