Person Profile - Timeline Tab


The purpose of this document is to help you navigate the Person Profile page and find the Timeline. The Timeline can be used to check the history of intakes, outcomes, and status changes.

  1. From the landing page, search for the Person you wish to view (if you need tips, click here)
  2. From the end of the person's row, find the three-dot "hamburger menu" on the right. 
  3. Your cursor should turn from an arrow to a pointing finger when you hover over the dots. When it shows the pointing finger, click your left mouse button to see the two options. 
    • Clicking See Person Detail will take you to the Classic Person Details page. 
    • Clicking See Person Profile will take you to the new Person Profile page
  4. Click See Person Profile to proceed. 
  5. In the centre of the page, you will see four headings with Characteristics underlined to show this is the tab you are currently viewing
  6. Click on the Timeline heading to view the person's history:
  7. The Timeline tab will show a record of each event in the person's history in the order that they occurred, showing the date and time of the change event and the user who processed it. 
    • Note: In this context, seeing an Outgoing Event means the person was linked to an animal via an outgoing event such as an Adoption or Reclaim. An Intake Event, therefore, shows that a person has left an animal in care in some way, be that as a Surrender, Stray, Wildlife, or some other intake process. 
  8. You cannot make changes to this area. It is purely for historical reference. 
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