Admin - Undo an Adoption


This process is to undo an adoption.  You must have both the Person ID of the adopting person and the Animal ID of the adopted animal prior to doing this process. 

Only users with Administrative access can process this function.


  1. Click on the Administration link in the Orange Menu on the left-hand side of the screen.
  2. Click on the Adoption Administration link.
  3. Click on the Undo an Adoption link.
  4. Enter the Person ID of the adopter.
  5. Enter the Animal ID of the adopted animal.
  6. Place a checkmark in the option that applies in the Status Options box. 
    • Use animal’s previous status before adopted? is the most common selection.  If selected the following notice displays: This animal's status will be automatically changed to Available For Adoption if there is no status history for this animal.
    • If Manually select animals status. is selected a drop-down field will display.  Change Animal’s Status to: click on the down arrow to select the new status.
  7. Remove any attached licenses:  Place a check mark in the box if the animal was issued a license at the time of adoption that is no longer valid upon their return.
  8. Click Undo Adoption.    Click OK.  This will then display a notice in orange text indicating the adoption has successfully been undone.  There will also be a reminder notice that the adoption receipt must be removed from the person’s history.

The adoption has been successfully removed.

Please note that this operation deletes Adoption Receipts.

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