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One of our Canadian customers was successful in applying for a grant from Google to have an API license for google maps, they were nice enough to share the process they went through so that other Shelters may benefit:


Create a tech soup account

In Canada we had to have a TechSoup Canada account ( - TechSoup is also in the USA ( so may be similar process for American & other country customers.  Attached to this page is a PDF “Google for Nonprofits FAQ” from TechSoup Canada with further information.


Create a Google for Nonprofits account

You must have a Google for Nonprofits account - Here is the .com link for non-Canadian customers:

Here is the Google nonprofit product offerings by country:


Tieing it all together

Within our TechSoup ‘My Account’ area you have to create a ‘Validation Token’ which must be entered during the Google Maps Grant application.

Login to your Google for Nonprofits dashboard ( and go to Enrollments where all eligible products are listed, see example screen shot:



While logged in to the above page clicking on the Google Maps APIs Grant and then ‘Apply’ to continue driects you to here:

This form has some tricky questions but ShelterBuddy was able to provide some answers to the technical questions, and ShelterBuddy Support can help further if you need.  Here is a list of some of the questions that ShelterBuddy helped with:

During the application process you must enter an ‘API Key’:

You will need to create a key from the help link they provided:

Before applying, you must create a new project in the Google Developer Console and create an API key. If your map application is before June 2016, you will need to get an API key since we are now deprecating keyless activation: (

Are you applying for a new grant or looking to renew an existing grant? This would be a new grant as its not a new account.
Are you applying for an external grant or an internal grant?

This would be internal based on this (

Grant Application Type (Web/Mobile):


What is the URL(s) your map will be implemented on

Use your shelterbuddy URL

Google Developer Console Account

The Google Developer Console login using your same non-profit Google admin account can be found here:, login and create a new project, then from the projects list select the name of your project. On the left, click Dashboard. The project name and ID are displayed in the Dashboard.

Estimated maps credits usage per year

This may help you estimate (google maps Javascript API)

You would need to work out how many users per day, and how often they would load up a person page to see the map and dispatch page too.  Then estimate how many reports you want to pull that have google maps plotting and how often these would be run.  The current RSPCA QLD Account is using on average 26,000 credits and we have a 24/7 call centre that use dispatch.

How are you planning to use the Google Maps APIs? *

In 500 words or less, please describe your map (all implementations must include the use of the Google Map). This information is for application review and we will not share it publicly without your explicit consent.

You can use something like this and change what ever you need:

ShelterBuddy Software is our shelter software provider and it integrates google maps for address verification of all new records and also to show a map for our animal cruelty officers when they are on the road for investigations.  We will use this for reporting purposes to show “hot spots” on maps for improving animal welfare, to improve the accuracy of our donor base by having correct addresses for the people that come into contact for our organization, and also to supply more accurate information for grants.

Please include a screenshot of your map implementation

The shelterbuddy help centre articles has images you can use:

Using Google Mapping

Project Number(s)

Please include the project number(s) that you would like to apply to your grant. To locate the project ID and project number (

You will need to create a new project account from your google account for this using the help link they provided.

Client-ID (for renewals only)

This is new so not a renewal.

After the application has been approved Google sends you the link for the newly created Maps API Project Console login and Project Number/API Key, send this through to ShelterBuddy support to begin the process of enabling google maps.

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