I can no longer find the pet I was interested in, so what happened?


There are many reasons why pets might no longer be showing on the listings of the Shelter website, or pet listing page for a particular organization. Here are a few reasons why that can happen:

1) The pet could have been removed from the listings by the organization

  • As some pets can have lots of people interested in adopting them, it is common that the number of applications they receive can skyrocket very quickly. To prevent additional adoption applications to be sent, shelters can remove the availability for those pets from the listings to prioritize others that might need more attention.

2) The pet might have already been approved or adopted to someone else

  • When pets are approved for adoption, they are automatically removed from the pet listings to save Shelters time and resources to focus on saving more lives. But don't worry, if you have applied for a pet that is no longer available, you will be notified in the case that happens for this reason.

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