Emailing PDF Receipts


Setup Receipts for PDF

Receipts can be automatically saved as PDF files and emailed to clients.

NOTE: this feature is only available for receipts linked to and visible from the Animal Details page. It is not currently available for receipts not linked to an animal, or forms such as vaccination certificates unless they are linked to a valid receipt e.g. an Adoption Contract Receipt.

To set this up for the receipts you would like, you can go into Administration > Receipt Administration > PDF Document Generation Administration. From here you can tick which receipts will save as PDF automatically.


You can then open the receipts as PDF using the standard receipts links from the animal details page.

Emailing Receipts
To help shelters become paperless, receipts can now be emailed to people instead of printing on paper. This feature needs to be set up via admin:

Setup the sender of the emails:

  • Administration > Receipt Administration > Email receipt from address administration OR Administration > Templated Documents Administration
  • From here you can specify the sender for each receipt type (e.g. for adoption receipts, or for surrender receipts. You can also have multiple email addresses and the user can select at the time of sending the receipt. 


Setup an Email Message Template:

  • Go to Administration > Receipt Administration > Email receipt subject/body template administration. From here you can set up templates for the email subject and body


Email The Receipt

From the animal details page there is a new “email” link. From here the user can send the receipt to the person with the wording setup in the template, with an option to include other files from the animal’s Document Manager. 


 If you have a split Receipt / Contract for Adoption, the contract will automatically attach before emailing. 




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