Enter a Found Animal


This procedure applies to persons notifying you that they found an animal and would like to find the owner but not bring the animal into your shelter. In other words, the location of the animal is known, but the identity of the rightful owner is not. 

  1. Search for person who has reported finding the pet.
    • If found, skip to step 2.
    • If not found, click on the Create a New Entry link from the search return
    • Fill in the relevant blanks on the Add New Person Mandatory fields: first name, last name, residential address, mailing address if different than residential, telephone number, and gender. Depending on your organization you may be required to confirm identification.
    • Click Update Details.
  2. On the Edit Person Details page, click on the Scroll To Bottom link and click on the Found link in the Person Categories (PC).
  3. On the Found page click on the Add Found Animal link
    • If the animal is already in the system, obtain the Animal ID. On the Found page click on the Found - Existing Animal link
    • On the Animal Search page enter the Animal ID in the Go To Animal ID Click View.
  4. Complete the following:
    • Status: click on the down arrow and select
    • Distinguishing Features: This field is VERY important! Enter as much information about the animal as you have available to you. Remember that the person on the phone may not be a breed expert so you will have to rely heavily on the distinguishing features of the animal to form a useful description.  Record any patterns on the animal, missing appendages, any scars, tattoos, pregnant, on heat, any injuries, shaved patches etc.  Having no distinguishing features is a feature in itself so indicate this if that is the case. This information can help confirm a match later.
    • Date In / Found: Click on the Calendar Icon to select the date the animal was found by the finder. If they have had the animal for a while and can’t remember how many days, for example, if they say they think 7 or 10 days, enter the date 10 days prior to today’s date.
    • Lost / Found Address or Location: Enter the street address or a description of where the animal was found, including the city/suburb.
    • Jurisdiction: click on the down arrow to select the applicable jurisdiction if not auto-linked to the city/suburb.
    • Click Update Details.
  5. The Found Animal will appear and can be printed.
  6. If applicable, return to the Animal Details page and add any additional notes in the General Animal Notes link found in the Animal Menu. This pop up text box is where to record information such as the time an animal was found, etc. Basically this box is for any useful information that does not qualify as a distinguishing feature, such as if the animal is very aggressive towards men, or information that does not fit in the distinguishing features box. It can also keep a record of any searches conducted to match the pet, and any communications with the finder. 
  7. If possible, ask if the finder would be able to provide a photo of the animal to be uploaded for reference. 


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