Introduction to Kennel Cards


The Kennel Card is a form that pulls important information for you to see or print out and pin to the front of an animal's kennel to help identify it. 

It generally contains basic information such as:

  • The Agency the animal came from (e.g. county, council, etc) (if applicable)
  • Animal ID number
  • In-house Shelter number
  • Status
  • Current Location
  • Date In Shelter
  • Date Due Out
  • Type
  • Breed
  • Microchip number
  • Primary/Secondary colours
  • Gender
  • Age or Age Group
  • Weight
  • Surrender Reason (if applicable)
  • No Euthanasia (if applicable)
  • Adoption Fee
  • Date Available for Adoption
  • Distinguishing Features
  • Adoption Summary
  • Vet Treatments
  • Photo


These elements can be customised somewhat if you need them to be. Contact support@shelterbuddycom to request customisation. 

At the top of the form, you will see an option in the centre "Print Kennel Card". Click this link to print the card. 

The Save Kennel Card link keeps a history of kennel cards: click the link to save it to history (it will disappear once saved).  

Click Animal Details to return to the Animal Details page. 

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