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This process allows you to verify content added via a linked public website so it appears on that website and create a linked file on your Shelter Buddy site simultaneously. Once verified, changes made by the public site user will link to the same Shelter Buddy file. 

You must have Administration access to perform these functions.


 Tip: We recommend always using the Link Public Person to Shelterbuddy Person option first to avoid creating duplicate files. 

  1. Sign into Shelter Buddy  
  2. On the left hand side of the screen (the orange menu) click Administration and then click Public Site.  The following page will be displayed:



List Public Persons with Animals

After clicking List Public Persons with Animals,this page will display if there are person or animal records that must be verified, and will enable you to click View Person:

Note: If there are no results, i.e. no lost or found animals have been posted on the public site, the following page will be displayed instead:


From the Persons with Unverified Animals results, after clicking View Person, the person’s details can be saved to Shelter Buddy (if they have not been already).

*Make sure to change the ‘Mailing List’ field to YES if applicable, and the ‘Record Type’ field to PERSON, then click the ‘Update and Save Person’ button:

After saving the person record you will then be taken to the animal record(s) that are awaiting verification.

If a person has been previously verified (e.g. via Link Public Person to Shelterbuddy Person) the information displayed when you click the View Person link will be static, and the button at the top will tell you the person has already been saved. The animal record(s) to be verified will be available via a link in the Animals For Verification box to the right of the Person information. 

The Public Animal Details page will display. Scroll down the entire page to confirm that the animal details look correct and that nothing inappropriate has been entered. Make any amendments required.

Note: If the public user has entered old breed or colour information that is no longer valid on your Shelter Buddy site, you will be notified just beneath the Breed or Colour text box with this information, including whatever information the public user originally entered to help guide you select an appropriate choice from the valid list.

From here, click the Verify Animal button to finalize this process.


To confirm that verification has been achieved, the following screen will display. Click Continue to return to List Public Persons with Animals in order to verify any more animals.

The View Animal Record link will open a pop up displaying the details of the animal you have just saved. This can be useful if you need to make additional notes or changes. 

Link Public Person to Shelter Buddy Person

This process will allow you to merge/link publicly entered person records to existing Shelter Buddy person records, if one already exists in the system for that person.

After clicking Link Public Person to Shelterbuddy Person this page will display if there are results from the public site and will enable you to search Shelter Buddy to find matches.  There will only be results if people have entered animals on the Public Site that need verifying.

Click on either ‘Search by Name Only’ or ‘Search by Name and Address’ (recommended) beside the record requiring verification and a Person Advanced Search will open in a new window. The search parameters will already be filled out in the search criteria.  Click Search.

 Tip: The pop up that deploys can be used the same way as the normal Advanced Person Search pageIf you don't find a match searching by Name or Name and Address, you can use the Return to Search link visible and try searching by phone numbers. Mobile/Cell phone numbers are particularly useful in finding duplicate files, especially if a person has moved, married, changed their name or had any of their information misspelt. 

If there is a match from the Public Site and ShelterBuddy the Edit Person Screen will display. If the name and address is a match, record the Person ID number for later use (select number, right-click and select ‘Copy’):

Close the Search Results window and return to the Link Public Site Persons page.

Enter the Shelter Buddy Person ID (found on the previous screen) into the Command Tasks column textbox next to the correct person record – right-click into the field and select ‘Paste’.  Click the Set Person ID button.

On the Public Person Merge screen, you can either merge using public details or Shelterbuddy details using the left and right arrows appearing in the center of the page.  A confirmation message box will appear to confirm the merge is complete.

Repeat until you have confirmed all persons in this list have either been linked with the relevant existing file, or that no such file exists.

Return to List Public Persons With Animals to view the saved record and process any animals linked to them.  

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