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The cloud hosting service is on the same architecture that Amazon and Netflix uses, so its extremely reliable and we have all the necessary precautions for backups, security, and performance.  Here are some more technical details:

  1. Server Info
    At any point in time, we will have 4 servers setup for your site. We will have 2 web servers and 2 database server (setup in mirroring mode). Each web server and database server combination is in separate data centres and traffic is evenly distributed between the data centres. If we lose connection to either a data centre or server, traffic then get automatically routed to the other.. We will continue to monitor our capacity, but to start off with each database servers will be a minimum of 4 cores, 15GB of memory and SSD backed storage. Web servers would have a minimum of 2 cores & 7.5GB of memory.
  2. Backup Info
    For databases we are aiming for above 99.95% uptime (20 min per month of downtime for maintenance etc). We take a daily snapshot and do rolling 5 minute transaction logging. We store 35 days of backups, and can restore to any point between the last transaction log (worse case is 5 minutes prior to the current time) and the oldest snapshot (35 days). With regards to uploads \ documents \ shared files, we persist these to multiple servers, so we have duplicate copies at any point in time.
  3. Uptime
    We use both internal and external monitoring of our systems and take an active approach to DevOps. In the last month, we had 1 minute of downtime, including upgrades, however our goal is 0 downtime.
  4. Security
    Externally the network can only be accessed via the load-balancer which exposes only web & secure web connections. We have a dedicated VPN from head-office setup so we can connect internally, however, this can only be done from our network.
  5. Data storage
    We will provisioned 100GB of storage (including revisions) for your site, but for a guide you are currently using about 30GB. We will monitor usage, and if required we can easily provision more storage.
  6. Speeds
    The server inter-connections are all 1GB/s or more. The data centres have multiple connection which range up to 10Gb/s. Currently all servers are located on the west coast of America.
  7. Region
    Our production environment is located in the Oregon region across two physical data centers (this is for high availability). We do on occasion use a third data center in Oregon to evenly distribute load at peak times.
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