Release to Wildlife Carer Procedure


This process usually pertains to wildlife animals that will be released to a wildlife carer and will be released to the wild from there; they will not usually be returned back to the shelter.

*Note: both the animal and the carer will already be in the system.

  1. Obtain the Animal ID of the wildlife animal.
  2. Search for the wildlife carer. 
  3. On the Edit Person Details page, click on the Scroll To Bottom link and click on the Wildlife Person Category
  4. On the Wildlife Details Menu page click on the Release To Wildlife Carer
  5. On the Animal Search page enter the Animal ID. Click Search
  6. The Animal Details page will display. Complete the following:
    • Status: click on the down arrow to select Released To Wildlife Rehabilitator. Note: this is an Outgoing status.
    • General Animal Notes: enter any applicable notes regarding the animal.
  7. Click Update Details.

The animal is now released from Shelter Care. You can now navigate away from the page. 

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