Payment Concerns


Processing Payments Through Cash

Currently, Adopets doesn't support payment through cash. We use Stripe as our payment processing platform, which processes transactions by way of a credit or debit card. For adopters paying by cash, adoption can be processed outside of Adopets and let customer service team set the application to Adopted.

Updating your payment model

Learn how to update your payment model on the Adopets platform.

Below are the steps on how to update your payment model.

1.) Click on Settings.

2.) Under Financial Settings. Click on Payment settings.

3.) This brings up the Payment Options page. You may choose from;

  • Adopter pays - With this payment option, the credit card processing fee is paid for by the adopter.

  • Organization pays - With this payment option, the credit card processing fee is paid for by your organization.

  • Adopter Chooses - This gives the adopter the option to choose whether or not to cover the processing fee on the Checkout menu.

If they choose yes, it will work similarly to the "Adopter pays" model.

If they choose no, it will work similarly to the "Organization pays" model.

4.) To make changes, click on the circle selection of your desired payment option. Click on the Update payment settings button.

5.) On the pop-up window, click the Choose your payment mode rule button to save changes.

License fee, but the adopter has already checked out

At this stage of the application, we cannot go back and add a license fee when the adopter has already done a checkout.

However, we recommend processing the License Fee at the shelter instead (Outside of Adopets)

Failed Payments Resolution

Knowing payment issues and how to handle them

If an adopter encountered a payment issue such as payment not pushing through, please check the following options:

  • Check and make sure credit card information is correct (date, month and year).

  • Have the adopter do CTRL+SHIFT+R to refresh the page.

  • Try another browser.

  • Check if there's any error message the adopter is getting.

  • Contact us so we can check the stripe transaction for the adopter and possibly escalating issue to higher support.

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