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270px-Warning_icon.svg.pngThis feature is part of a module to restrict users by location.

Reports are partially regionalised: some common reports are regionalised by default, but others remain in their native state. Shelter Buddy has over 900 canned reports, so regionalising all of them is a huge task, however, if there are specific reports you need to be regionalised in order for this process to work for you, please contact

Super Users are, of course, unaffected. 

Overseer users will be able to see all information for any Physical Location they are assigned to, even if "All Locations" is selected. 

Regular users will only be able to see information for their own Physical Location, even if "All Locations" is selected. 

These are the reports that are currently regionalised:

In Care Inventory 226
Adopted List Report 196
Euthanasia Reason by animal type 410
Euthanasia Reason Statistics 287
Euthanasia Report 70
Identification and Services Report- Detail 671
Identification and Services Report- summary 670
Shelter Statistics- In Care Report by Animal Type 229
Shelter Statistics- Incoming (including transfers) 455
Shelter Statistics- Outgoing (including transfers 456
Shelter Statistics- incoming comparison to prior year 669
Shelter Statistics- Outgoing comparison to prior year 527
Animals Currently in Foster Report 60
Available Foster List 108
Foster Animals Due for Treatment 241
Foster Monthly Report 140
Vet Treatments Due 7
Unvaccinated Animals Report 417

Again, any additional reports requiring regionalisation would need to be requested via


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