Blocking User Access to Dispatch - Tips!



This will stop users from accessing the dispatch details page via POI link on person page
or job link on animals page.

Users will still be able to add new jobs. 

In Manage Pages - Special Cases, add the following pages:

Page type: Dispatch Request - View POI History
Description: Locks down POI History link when visible on Person Details page
Path: /person/dispatch/jobPage.asp
Querystring: returnPage
Querystring Value: defendant


Page type: Dispatch Call History
Description: Locks down Dispatch Call History link on the Person Details page
Path: /person/dispatch/dispatchPageAjax.asp
Querystring: task
Querystring Value: loadDispatchCallHistory


Page type: Dispatch Request - View by Animal
Description: Locks down the link back to the Dispatch Job visible at the bottom of the Animal Details page. 
Path: /person/dispatch/jobPage.asp
Querystring: returnPage
Querystring Value: animalPage


Page type: Dispatch Request - Edit
Description: Blocks users from viewing/editing dispatch jobs once they have been created, including via the "# Jobs at this address" link visible on search returns (although the popup will still be visible, they will be blocked if they click the "edit" links)
Path: /person/dispatch/jobPage.asp
Querystring: jobnumber
Querystring value: ?

NB: if OLD DISPATCH module use this path instead: 



To lock Ongoing Dispatch Notes, use Manage FieldsdispatchInspectionNotes > Activate

Don't forget to also lock down this path: /person/dispatch/jobPage.asp

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