Emailing Pets From Your Searches


It is possible for users to save specific searches on their public site, and for the site to email them updates whenever new animals that match their criteria appear on the site. The steps below detail how this is done, but please note the outward appearance of the screens will vary from site to site. The screenshots below are for illustration only: the functions will remain the same, but settings and images will reflect those of the site of origin.

Step 1: Create a Login

The site needs to confirm your details before it can email you information. If you don’t already have a login, click the Login link and fill in the required fields to create a profile. Fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory. This information helps protect your information.

Step 2: Verify your login

Once you have created a valid login; the site will email you to confirm the information you entered is correct. Click the Verify Email link to verify your details and open a new search page in your default browser. Here, you can login for the first time. 

Step 3:  My Profile

Once you have logged in, a page like the one below will display.

Click the Manage Saved Searches link to create and save your search criteria.

Step 4: Create a Search

Depending on how broad or specific you would like your searches to be; you can use either a Simple search or an Advanced search to create a search to save.

The Simple Searchallows you to save only these features:

  • The Type of animal you would like to search for (e.g. Cats, Kittens or Cats & Kittens)
  • The state you would like to search in – usually your home state but you can have any and all states in the country if you like!
  • A preferred location you would like to see animals in – a specific shelter or rescue location

This search will give you the best result if you aren’t certain what type of pet you’d like and are open to a variety of options, so long as the animal suits your family and lifestyle.

The Advanced Search expands upon this and allows you to narrow your search further still to include:

  • The Type of animal you would like to search for
  • The dominant and or secondary breeds if you are after a particular breed or mix
  • Specific colours (in case you have a specific preference)
  • The gender – again, some people prefer one gender to another and this allows you to filter for only the gender you are comfortable adopting
  • A pet name
  • A range of Icons* that apply to the animal
  • The State you would like to search in
  • A Location you can get to
  • A turn on/off option for “Fuzzy Searching”**

This search is best if you have a very specific idea of the pet you are looking for, or restrictions on the kind of pet you can have.

* “Icons” are symbols that provide additional information at a glance; but not all shelters will apply Icons to all animal types and some shelters don’t use them at all, so best to check before saving these into your search parameters.

** “Fuzzy Searching” uses “Fuzzy Logic” to help match you with an animal friend:  this means that if you search for a breed or colour, that the search will find similar breeds or colours. This allows a better range of searching and finding your new friend!

Step 5: Save Your Search

Once you have created the profile of pet you want to search for, click the Save as New Search and Find Animals

This button will take you to a page like this:

Here you give the search a title that will help you remember what it was for (e.g. Ginger Kittens or Maltese mix) and nominate whether or not you would like the site to automatically email you whenever new animals that match your criteria are added to the site.

If you elect this option, then the site will run a daily check against your selected criteria and email you to let you know if any new animals have been added.

If you elect not to be emailed, the search is still saved but it will only run when you go back onto the site, login and use My Saved Searches to run the search again. 


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