Changing a pet's location


Did your animal just got transferred from one of your facilities to another one owned by the same organization? 

Learn how you can make the adopets system reflect those changes, so your animal, from now on, gets associated with the Location they have been transferred to.

*It's important to mention that if you'd like to update either the pet profile or the adoption fee is associated with your pet; you should follow these other links as it's required different actions to make those changes:

Before we dive deep into changing the Location of a pet, make sure your second or other locations have already been created. Visit this link to learn more about it:

Back in what's essential, follow these four steps as an organization to update the current Location of a pet:

1) Go to All Pets 

2) Find the pet you need to have the Location information updated

3) Click on the Actions button and select Change Pet Location, as shown below:

4) Select the new Location your pet will be associated with and click on Confirm.


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