Assigning a Campaign to a Receipt


Once your campaign is launched, it will appear in the Campaign drop down on every Receipt page 2017-01-25_14-17-53.jpg

  1. Click the down arrow to find and assign an amount to your campaign. If the Select Account field was completed on the New Campaign page, it will auto allocate here. 
  2. Complete the receipt as normal and if you linked it to a specific receipt template, this verbiage will display with the resulting receipt text. 
    • NB: if a campaign is assigned to a receipt that has conflicted text, such as an Adoption Contract, then the contract text will be shown at the time. However, you can print a separate receipt letter with the preferred campaign letter text via report 363 Print Campaign Receipts.
    • NB: Campaigns are designed for use with donations and therefore are tax-free. If linked to a GL Code or a product that is set to default to a specific tax inclusion, this setting will be overridden by the Campaign settings and any fees assigned to that campaign will be tax-free regardless. 


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