Admin - Undo Internal Transfer


This process is to undo an internal transfer.  These cannot be removed via Maintain Status History for an Animal, they must be done from the Animal Details page itself. You must have the Animal ID of the transferred animal prior to doing this process.  This function may be restricted to certain users depending on your local settings.

  1. From the Welcome / Search page, enter the Animal ID number into the specified search box to find the file for the animal in question.
  2. In the right hand Animal Menu, find the link Transfer (H) and click on the (H) to open a pop up.
  3. A complete history for all the internal transfers for that animal will display. The most recent will have a link at the end: Undo
  4. Click the Undo link to remove the Transfer history. This will remove all transfer statuses from history.
  5. Repeat as required if multiple transfers are to be removed.
  6. If the most recent transfer is not the one that you need to remove, you must still remove the most recent transfer until the Undo link appears next to the transfer you wish to remove.
  7. Once all relevant transfer histories have been removed, click on the cross in the top right of the pop up to close it.
  8. If some transfers removed during this process were actually correct, they can be re-entered into history for the same dates and times by clicking the Transfer link in the right hand Animal Menu and clicking Add Transfer History if the animal is no longer in care, or re-running the transfer normally if it is.
  9. NB: this process does not change the Physical Location (Region) assigned to statuses added after the erroneous transfer. These must be amended manually using Administration > Maintain Status History for an Animal to ensure data correctness and avoid misrepresenting figures in your reports.
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