Admin - Undo Transfer Out to External Agency / Shelter / Rescue


This process is to undo the transfer of an animal from in care to an external agency.  You must have the Animal ID of the transferred animal prior to doing this process. 

Only users with Administrative access can process this function.


  1. Click on the Administration link in the Orange Menu on the left-hand side of the screen.
  2. Locate and click on the Undo Agency Outgoing link.
  3. Enter the Animal ID of the transferred animal.
  4. The page will display four boxes of information:
    • Animal: This displays the Animal ID, Name, Transfer Date, Current Status and Previous status of the animal in question.
    • Current Owner: This details the Person ID, First and Last names (or business name) of the agency or rescue that received the animal.
    • Previous Owner: This details the Person ID, First and Last names (or business name) of the person linked to the animal PRIOR to the outgoing process.
    • Receipts: This details the receipt number, date, type and amount of any receipts created via the outgoing process to be undone. Take note of the receipt number.
  5. Click on the Undo Outgoing Status button.
  6. If the process worked correctly, you will see a green bar with the message Success – Animal Agency Outgoing Reversed. This indicates the process has been finalized 
  7. NOTE: this process also deletes the receipt associated with the cancelled transfer: it will no longer exist.
  8. The file will now be in the same state it was before the transfer was processed. 
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