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This feature consolidates different email/letter template features available in Shelter Buddy. Most of these features have long been available in other areas, but rather than have multiple links to templates they are now all found in one location. 

To begin: 

  1. From the Welcome/Search page, click on the Administration link in the orange left-hand menu. 
  2. From the resulting menu, locate and click on the link Templated Documents Administration. 
  3. You will see a list of the types of templates you can manage via this feature. 


To find out more about using each of these options, click the relevant link below: 

Animal Forms (Emails)
This feature allows you to set or modify templates for emailing standard forms that have a built-in email feature. Currently, this only allows for Consultation History and Medical History, but it may expand in future.

See also Email Medical History Form

Animal Forms (Printed)
This feature allows you to set or modify templates for standard forms found in the Animal Menu. Currently, this only allows for Microchip Disclosure Letters and Pit Bull Release Forms, but it may expand in future

If you would like either of these forms activated on your site, please notify support@shelterbuddy.com.

Animal Forms (Printed) - Return to Habitat

Specifically linked to the Community Animal process, this is the form that prints if you change the status directly from the Animal Details page and do not require a receipt. 

Animal Update Emails 
This feature allows users to be notified of changes in a specific animal's status, location, or if notes are added to the record. 

Dispatch / Prosecution

This feature sets up citation forms available from the Legal Proceedings page. 

Dispatch Forms

This feature sets up documents available from the Dispatch Job page. 

Foster Contracts

This feature sets verbiage specific to the reason an animal was put into foster. 

Foster Summary

This feature sets the rest of the foster document, and provides a place to couch the Foster Contract within it. 

This feature helps you locate pets that have a rabies vaccination recorded on their record but are not listed as having been licensed, so you can contact them in an effort to have them license their pet.

Medication Label
This feature allows you to customise your medication labels to your preferences. 

Receipt Emails
This feature allows you to create email templates used when sending receipts to customers via the Animal Details page. NB: this feature is only available if you have your receipts set to generate as PDF. 


This feature allows you to control the templates of your standard forms, such as adoption, euthanasia, stray, owner surrender, and so on. The forms are set up with a basic format to start off but can be customised as seen fit.

NOTE: not all contracts are set up for Templated Documents yet. Our engineers are moving them across as time allows but the process is slow. Currently, only the following are available: 

  • Agency Transfer Out
  • Community Animal forms
  • Euthanasia Request
  • Delayed Adoption/Transfer Out
  • Hold Receipt (Put Animal On Hold process)
  • Foster Summary (with options for Foster Contracts)
  • Pet Portfolio
  • Surgery Form
  • Surgery Card
  • Citation Forms (dispatch only)
  • Dispatch Forms
  • Medication Labels
  • Email Templates

Scheduling Reminder Emails
This feature allows you to create templates for emails sent to customers to remind them of upcoming scheduled appointments via the Scheduling system. This feature is an add-on and may not be available on all sites. 

Trial Adoption

This feature allows you to manage the form that prints for a Trial Adoption. 

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