Animal Forms (Printed) - Return to Habitat Templates


This feature allows you to set or modify templates for standard forms found in the Animal Menu. Currently, this only allows for Microchip Disclosure Letters, Pit Bull Release Forms, Return to Habitat and Waiver/Indemnities but it may expand in future. 

If you would like either of these letters enabled for your site,  please notify 

  1. From the Templated Documents Administration menu, click on the link Animal Forms (Printed) - Return to Habitat
  2. Initially, no forms will be present. You need to create new templates for each. 

Create a new template: 

  1. Click on the +Create button
  2. Location: click on the down arrow to select a Physical Location if the template is specific to just one. Otherwise, you may leave it left at All. 
    • If you would like the template to be the default for the selected location, click the box Default for location to mark it. 
  3. Description: This free text field enables you to add a name to your template to identify it for other/future users. E.g. if the template is for one specific location, it might be "Campus A Return to Habitat (Spanish)". 
  4. Type: Defaults to Animal Form (Printed) - Return to Habitat. Leave as-is.
  5. Animal Types: click on the down arrow to select which Animal Type(s) the form should link to. 
  6. Language: Click the down arrow to select an option that indicates what language the form shows (this does not auto-translate). 
  7. Body: place your cursor in the text field to activate the drop-down. You can either simply type into this field if the information is to be static, or if you would like it to auto-fill specific information for each client, click on the down-arrow from the drop-down to find available place-holders. Click on a place-holder to insert it into the subject field and do not change the place-holder text once there. This text will be replaced with custom information for each client.  
  8. When your changes are complete, click Save or click Cancel to discard and return to the menu. 
  9. Once saved, the Templated Documents/Animal Form (Printed) - Return to Habitat menu will display. Your new template will be visible in the list. 

For information specifically on setting up Waiver/Indemnities, click here.

Edit an existing document

  1. Click on the Edit button for the template you wish to edit. 
  2. Once the new page loads, you may make any changes you need using the drop-down options, text fields, and place-holders. 
  3. When your changes are complete, click Save or click Cancel to discard and return to the menu. 

Delete an existing document

  1. Click on the Delete button for the template you wish to remove. 
  2. A dialogue warning will appear to ask if your sure you wish to delete the document. Click Yes. 
  3. The template will be removed. 
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