Add Physical / Visual Exam.


The following process is done via the Edit Animal Details pageHighlighted fields are mandatory. 

  1. In the Animal Menu on the right-hand side, locate and click on the heading Physical ExamThe Physical Exam page will load. 
  2. At the top of the page, the Animal ID number will display.
  3. On the right, an Animal Menu will appear with two options:
    • Add Vet Treatment RecordClick this to open a pop up and add a new Vet Treatment to the animal's record.
    • Medical NotesClick this link to go to the Medical Notes page. If you have not saved your Physical Exam, any information added will be lost so make sure you save first!
  4. The Examination Date will default to Today. Click the Calendar icon at the end of the box to amend the date if required.
  5. The Examination Time will default to Now. Click the Clock icon at the end of the box to amend the time by either typing directly into the boxes provided or using the up and down arrows for each one to increase / decrease the values as required. 
  6. Exam Type: Click the down arrow at the end of the drop-down to select a relevant Exam Type from the list. Additional options can be added to this list via Administration. Click this link for more information: Add, Edit, Delete Physical Exam Type
  7. Examined By: Type the first few letters of the examiner's name into the Examined by text box. This is an auto-complete field and will only find persons authorised to be on this list. Additional persons can be added via AdministrationClick this link for more information: Maintain Physical Visual Exam By List
  8. Weight: as for the other pages this field appears, click the box to activate the weight window, then type in the weight for the animal.
  9. Select the Body Score for this animal from 1 -  10 by clicking the down arrow for the drop-down and selecting an option. To give body scores for specific conditions, save the Physical Exam page first and additional links will appear
  10. Each Physical Exam Area will appear in order and headed with a title that identifies the area being examined. Next to this heading will be a drop down. Click the down arrow to select an option from the drop-down. *At this time, no alterations can be made to this list. 
  11. Enter any comments for each Physical Exam Area into the free text field below the drop-down for each one. 
  12. Result: Click the down arrow to select an overall result for the examination from the drop down. Options can be added to this list via AdministrationClick this link for more information: Add, Edit, Delete Physical Exam Results
  13. Comments: Enter general comments relevant to the examination in the text box at the bottom of the form. 
    • Click the Insert Template option just above this field to insert a Vet Template if required. 
  14. Click Save to save your changes.
  15. Once saved, new links will appear in the Animal Menu: Body Score Types. Click a link in this list to record information relevant to a specific condition.
    • Body Score Type exams will display images either for a full body, eyes only or teeth only as relevant for the type of exam.
      • Each image can be marked by clicking and/or dragging your mouse cursor over an affected area to colour it red.
      • Use the Clear Image button to reset the image and start over if errors are made. 
    • Each Body Score type exam allows independent body scores to be recorded in a drop down below the images.
    • Each Body Score type exam has a note field for additional notes relevant to that particular exam. 
    • Additional Body Score Types can be loaded via Administration. Click here for more information: Add, Edit, Delete Body Score Types
  16. To view previous Physical Exams, click the history (H) link next to the Physical Exam link in the Animal Menu of the Animal Details page. 
    • A pop-up will open displaying basic information from the main exam. It excludes notes and additional body score exam information.
    • Click the Edit link to open the Physical Exam on your main window.
    • Click Delete to remove the Physical Exam entirely. 


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