Add, Edit, Delete Physical Exam - Results


This process adds additional options to the list of possible results to the bottom of the Physical Exam page located in the Animal Menu on the Edit Animal Details page.  NOTE: it does not apply to the results available for individual Physical Exam Areas

You must have access to the Administration menu to process this function.

  • Click on the Administration link in the Orange Menu on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Click on the Edit Drop Down Lists


To Add a Physical Exam Result:

  • Locate the heading Initial Exam - Result
  • Click the Add link
  • Enter the name of the new Initial Exam - Result in the text box provided. 
  • Click Add Initial Exam - Result
  • The pop-up window will close

To Edit a Physical Exam Result: 

  • Locate the heading Initial Exam - Result
  • Click the Edit link
  • Select the name of the Initial Exam - Result to be edited from the drop down.
  • Type the new name of the Initial Exam - Result into the text box provided if required.
  • Click the Edit Initial Exam - Result button to save and close the pop-up window.
  • NOTE: When you edit an existing Initial Exam - Result it will automatically change the in historical information also. 

To Delete a Physical Exam Result:

  • Locate the heading Initial Exam - Result
  • Click on the Delete link
  • Select the item you wish to delete from the drop down.
  • Click Delete Initial Exam - Result to complete and close the pop-up. 
  • NOTE: Deleting an Initial Exam - Result removes it from the options a user can apply from that time forwards. The option remains visible on historical information. 
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