How do I add a receipt if a process was interrupted before completion?


If you were processing an animal into or out of care and your process is interrupted before you get to the receipt page, you may be left with an incomplete transaction and need to know how to complete it.

Depending on the process you were running, there are various ways to address this situation:

1. If you were running a reclaim/redemption, go into Administration > Incomplete Redemption Transaction, search for the animal or person in question and select the option "Continue Transaction" to complete the receipt. For more information on this process, see "Incomplete Reclaim/Redemption Transaction"

2. If you were running an Adoption, you have two options depending on how you like to report on your adoption receipts.

  • If you need ALL receipt to report correctly always, the only option is to undo the adoption and try again. Depending at what point the process was interrupted, you will either need to use the Undo Adoption feature or if the status wasn't linked to the adoption process, you will be able to simply delete it via Maintain Status History for an Animal. NOTE: if you can't undo, try deleting the status. If you can't delete, try undoing!
  • If you only need the receipt to report correctly on the major receipt reports, then simply follow the same process as for Intake receipts below. 

3. For Intake receipts, add a generic receipt to the Person Details Page for the adopter via the Add Receipt link in the Person Menu, then go into Administration > Receipt Administration > Link Animal to a Receipt and update the receipt that way. For more information on this process, click here: Link Animal to a Receipt

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